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Types of Advertising:

On Home Page:
  - Big picture of dog *
– Any dog can be shown here *
- Male – For male dog presentations *
- Female - For female dog presentations *
- Young dogs – Presentation for dogs younger then 24 months *
- Dog for Sale – Presentation only for dogs that are for sale *
- Puppies – Presentation with room for five puppies. *
Banners and Sponsors:
  Each banner and sponsor can be advertised for one, two ,three weeks and more
- Banners has to be within these measures: width max 150 pixels height max 400 pixels which are adverted on pages for users ( for log in) and on pages for preview *
- Sponsors of site is placed on index and homepages when loged in, other options and deals are possible! We are open for a suggestion!


Dogs: ( Presentation is permanent ) FREE OF CHARGE
  - Basic Presentation – basic data/info about dog, 1 starting picture and + 3 more in gallery , pedigree
- Additional options for each dog ( This services are charged for each dog individually):
     o Extra 3 pictures in gallery
     o Gallery "Work"
     o Gallery "Head"
     o Gallery "Progeny"
Kennel: (Presentation is permanent) FREE OF CHARGE
  - Basic data/info about kennel and 4 pictures, all dogs are presented automatically and are presented on page "Our Dogs" which is found on kennels presentation.
Puppies presentation: (This presentation last for 6 months) *
  - Basic data/info about puppies, fathers and mothers data/info, pictures of parents and pedigree,
- For each puppy goes 4 pictures and for each pictures goes options for description and sale status.
Company presentation: (This presentation last for 6 months) *
  - Company description and 4 pictures

For any informations please contact us on email: [email protected] or via mail form (click here)

Note: All presentations marked with * in promotional period are Free! After that each service will be charged with symbolic prices. Thank you for your understanding!

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Sponsors site :: We need sponsor!!!
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Sponsors site :: We need sponsor!!!
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